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Residential Power Solutions (RPS) is a family owned and operated Standby Generator Dealer for Generac and Cummins  serving Metro Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We provide Homes and Small Businesses with practical Power Solutions, including:

Our Certified Technicians and Licensed Electricians support all operational aspects of Generac and Cummins Generators and other Power Products. Reach out to RPS today for a Free Consultation for your  Automatic Standby Generator.

Standby Backup Generators protect Homes Automatically during Power Outages by Transfering Power directly to your Residential or Small Businesses Electrical System. They run on Natural Gas or Liquid Propane (LP) as a Fuel Source.

Transfer Switches Transfer Power Automatically  between Utility and Generator Power when a Utility Outage accurs.

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Generac Industrial Generator

Generac offers a variety of Small Business Power Solutions, from easy-to-maintain low kW Natural Gas Generators ideal for Convenience Stores and Offices to multi-megawatt, paralleled installations that ensure your Business operations continue running smoothly.

Do you need a Maintenance Kit for your Home or Business Backup Generator? Need an Air Filter for your Portable Generator? Call RPS to Purchase your Generac or Cummins Home Backup Generator,  Portable Generator or Transfer Switch Parts.

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